A Message from Our Spiritual Director/Co-Founder

Reverend Jesse Brune-Horan

Hello beautiful! Thanks for visiting Inspire’s online community. Our intention is to provide you with plenty of tools to support you in living a vibrant and happy life. Below is a short video where you can learn more about who we are, what we’re up to and how you can get involved. And while you’re here make sure to check out our calendar to find out how you can connect with us online and in-person.

Our Mission

INSPIRE is a spiritual community of like-minded souls committed to walking our talk in joyous fellowship by demonstrating the power of love, compassion, and non-judgment, every day in every way.

Recognizing the divinity of all life we stand united in actively liberating humanity by healing judgment, fear and shame within ourselves.
To Create World Peace… Piece By Piece.

Our Principles and Practices