Can You Hear Your Loving Intuition?

Have you ever been in an elevator with someone you don’t know and had a thought like, “OMG – he has the best smile” or “her hair looks amazing today”? Is that thought ever followed with a split second urge to let them know? Do you then talk yourself out of sharing the compliment with this person because you’re afraid of how they might perceive you? It’s a common experience and something I’ve contemplated quite a bit.

When we connect with someone in-person and/or in our minds and thoughts of kindness and Love surface I believe it’s our Loving intuition guiding us to offer the information. I do my best to share these thoughts when they organically arise. I’m not interested in giving shallow compliments because I’d like to get a response so I feel better – that’s giving to get. I am interested however in supporting my brothers and sisters no matter where I am.

The fear of what other people think can prevent us from experiencing miracles. When I have Loving thoughts I trust it’s for a purpose, so I do my best to share them so I honor my commitment to being of service to all.

When I consider the shootings and acts of violence that are so prevalent in the media I can’t help but wonder if the “attackers” would have a different perspective of the world if more people showed them kindness. Maybe they wouldn’t have reached the conclusion that killing a group of strangers was a viable option. The more we commit to practicing Loving kindness the less acts of violence we’ll see in the news; I know this is true.

This is another reason why I think developing a Spiritual practice is so important – it helps remove the blocks that prevent us from hearing our Loving intuition. It also supports is in releasing the fears that keep us from sharing our Love with others. If World peace is going to be a reality, we must first feel peaceful ourselves. When we feel at peace we begin to understand that most of things we fear are simply fantasies and thoughts.

Next time a Loving thought arises about someone, I invite you to share it with them. Rarely have I ever offended anyone when I extend kindness from a place of pure generosity. When we give freely, we affirm our abundance and declare to the Universe that we are in state of miracle readiness. And this is what a life lived on purpose looks and feels like.

Peace within. Beauty throughout.

  • DanielM182

    Thank you for your thoughtful words. Psalm 36:7
    How precious is Your loving kindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.