Coming OUT Of The Spiritual Closet

On more than one occasion I’ve told the congregation at Inspire that it’s time we all come out of the Spiritual closet. This doesn’t mean we have to call our parents and have an awkward conversation about how we identify as Spiritual.
“This isn’t something that I chose, Mom. I was born Spiritual and now I’m choosing to accept it.”
It also doesn’t mean that we have to lead with our Spiritual views when meeting someone new or start dressing in overtly “Spiritual” ways.

We come out of the Spiritual closet by living Loving, joy-filled lives. If we apply Spiritual principles and practices into our life then there’s no way we can’t come out of the closet. People will notice, maybe it will subtle at first but the signs will be there. You’ll start smiling more and gossiping less, things will roll off your back a lot easier than they used to, and your cup will be in a perpetual state of half full (or overflowing!).

“What’s up with Susan? She’s been so happy lately.” “I think she started meditating or something like that … she’s like totally Spiritual now.”
And without telling anybody a thing, you’ve come out of the Spiritual closet.

If you’ve been attending a Spiritual center for awhile, reading lots of Spiritual books, and going to the places where other Spiritual people go but haven’t experienced any major change, I invite you to get honest with yourself about whether or not you’re APPLYING the principles into your life. We teach the efficacy of our choices by the life we’re living. In order to experience transformation we have to apply the tools that support us in aligning with Love. When you develop a Spiritual practice that works for you and do it on a consistent basis, your life will change, it can’t not change, and then BAM – you’ve come out of the Spiritual closet.

Coming out of the Spiritual closet requires more than an interest in certain philosophies. Before I came out as gay I did a lot of research. I went to the places gay people were so I could check it out. I explored gay literature and magazines, I started interacting with LGBTs. It got to a point where I couldn’t hold it in anymore – I HAD to come out. It was harder to stay in the closet than it was to come out. The more you explore your Spirituality you’ll begin to find that it’s actually harder to be upset than it is to be happy, you’ll have to come out for the sake of your mental and emotional health.

What are you prioritizing over your peace of mind? Are you afraid of what other people might think if your life gets too good? Prosperity teacher Edwene Gaines has said, “One of the greatest crimes we can commit is to dim our light so other people feel comfortable.” Let your light shine. Come out of the Spiritual closet. Live a life you Love.

There’s a whole world happening outside that closet of fear and limitation and once you come out as Spiritual every day is a like new version of an ongoing, ever expanding Pride parade. And everybody loves a parade.