Just Do It: The Power In APPLYING Spiritual Principles

For years I built a library of Spiritual books. I was hungry for Truth and would devour volumes of teachings of all different philosophical backgrounds. As my comprehension of Spiritual principles deepened I became very aware that even though I let things roll off my back a lot easier, I wasn’t seeing any real change in my life. I still felt poor, overworked, frustrated with my career, under appreciated, and my cripplingly low self-esteem hadn’t gone anywhere. What was up with that? All these self-help books promised transformation and I expected to see it.

What eventually became clear was that all these Spiritual practices are great but won’t do a thing for me until I actually PRACTICE THEM. I was reading and talking a lot about Spirituality but I wasn’t actually applying the practices into my life. Turns out transformation is a result of application.

I resisted applying the tools because deep down I was scared to confront the beliefs that were creating upset in my life. I knew how to be miserable but I had no idea how to be really happy. Intuitively I understood that it was time to release the baggage that was pulling me down. There were certain resentments I spent years cultivating and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let them go, not to mention the world views I KNEW were accurate. When I became more interested in experiencing Love than being right so many of the judgements I valued effortlessly melted away and for the first time in a long time, I felt free.

Are you really familiar with Amazon’s self-help section but still haven’t significant change in your life? Have you gone to the weekend long self-empowerment retreats and left feel not so empowered? Have you yoga’d, cleansed, and sweat yourself silly without feeling any better? Yep – I’ve been there.

I’ve been to every guru, shaman, life coach, and weekend retreat. I’ve stretched, sweat, and spent thousands on books, workshops, and psychics … and what I learned was that finding God in Los Angeles can be very expensive.

The answer is within you now. If you’re really interested in discovering that for yourself then I invite you to develop a Spiritual practice that makes sense and begin to apply the principles you’ve read so much about. Allow the Spiritual tools to do what they’re designed to do – remove all the false ideas and beliefs that are telling you that there’s something wrong with you. It’s in the application of the practices that you begin to see the beneficial results that you’re really interested in. It’s about time, right?

Less talking and debating – more sitting and allowing … and smiling, my God MORE SMILING!!